2014 – Video | Photography | Publication
Video still, HD | Colour | Stereo | 09:55 min.

Instinctively, we follow their paths of light and shadow: streetlights. They allow us to see in darkness, whilst remaining mostly unseen. Continuously, they disappear from the cityscape while being replaced by new and more efficient ones. Looking at these stoic figures may trigger thoughts on visibility and ephemerality – processes that inevitably go together in our rapidly growing and changing cities. When directing one’s gaze towards streetlights, viewing habits are being questioned. Those who then fully indulge in the performative force of light can lose oneself in its forms and compositions.

Institutional screenings: Deutsches Filmmuseum, Germany * Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin * Deluge Contemporary Art Gallery, Canada * Instituto Cervantes / Luminale – Biennial for Light Art & Urban Design Frankfurt, Germany
Film Festivals: Simultan Festival (RO) * Antimatter Film Festival (CA) * Balkan Beyond Borders Short Film Festival (GR)* Sofia Underground Fesival (BG) * Underdox Film Festival (DE) * Fest New Directors & Films Festival (PT)/ nominated for Best Experimental Short

The video was funded by the Hessen Film Fund. The accompanying two-volume publication containing 57 photographs was published at Trademark Publishing, released at Frankfurt Book Fair 2014, exhibited at I Never Read Art Book Fair Basel 2015 and published in Stadtform Magazine, Edition #1: Stadt bei Nacht, 2015.