THE face of the tree

2019 - Video | Participatory Installation

The Face of the Tree is an experimental documentary film that is giving its audience a (con)temporary peek into the divided land of Israel and Palestine. For those living inside it, the conflict often crumbles down from political discourse to the substances of the dirt, the fruit of the trees, the grazing of a flock. The film takes the viewer on the journey of the filmmaker Daliah Ziper, crossing the land of Israel and Palestine in search for hidden traces of a so-called eco-war; between the two people who see their roots in the same place. The moving image in this work is accompanied by the text “Olive Trees” (written by dramaturg Liat Fassberg), which conjures a metaphorical image of the conflict through its main character: The Olive Tree.

en(dependence) route

En(dependence) Route is a participatory, multimedia installation, stemming out of the video work The Face of the Tree. The installation opens-up possibilities of narrative, of knowledge and interpretation as well as questions forms of authorship. Multiple station offer different perspectives, informations and materials of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Numerous narratives based on documentary material such as filmic portraits, letters, objects and encounters are incorporated in the installation, which seeks to challenge the participant to choose – a route, a perspective, a narrative to follow. The installation seeks to inquire into the (possible) relations between film and performance, between screen and space, between viewing and participating, creating encounters and interactions between material and participants. The choice of editing, which a filmmaker usually does behind closed doors, is, in this project, done by the participants themselves: While walking along the installation, each participant creates their own montage: Each station, each screen, each scene is a choice, and the possibility of (ex)change, (re)placement, plurality, and multiplicity, a possibility of approximation and correspondence.

A collaboration with the dramaturg Liat Fassberg.